Jessica Kuzara

Artist Statement

My work is a combination of psychology abnormalities, social stigma, ideas, and emotions that tends to be on the heavier side of life. Each theme or aspect of the piece some how relates back to how I see or feel about a situation that has happened. To me, making my work personal is the most important thing which helps me connect with my viewer. Through this process I use heavy materials, mixed media, and found objects in a collaboration of life size pieces. By making it life size it gives the viewer a chance to place themselves into the work and feel the physical or emotional weight it brings. At the same time, I use my own measurements to make the piece personal.

The piece titled Home, I casted cement and sand topping mix into a plaster ball mold, while inserting a steel chain with a welded cuff. Within the mold there was letters made from oil clay to imprint “home” along side the ball. To bring shine to the ball I waxed the cement, which darken the color and showed off the cracks. I also burned and waxed the steel chain and cuff to bring a sign of age and protection to the metal. This piece was created to reflect upon my life at home as of now and how it will always follow you where ever you may go. The piece was created to be heavy and also able to be worn.

Through exploration of material and size my artwork is bringing my thoughts and ideas into a living reality. While I am still learning new techniques and tools, my work is growing stronger.